About WorldSkills International

WorldSkills International (WSI) is a nonprofit organization that works worldwide and is politically and religiously neutral. WSI’s mission is to promote worldwide through cooperative action of its members awareness of the importance of the contribution of knowledge, skills and high standards of professionalism to achieve economic and personal success.

WSI is opened for agencies or bodies which have responsibility to promote vocational education and training in their countries / regions. Current number of members is 58.

Croatia (CroatiaSkills) is a full member of WSI since 2006.

The main activity of WSI are WorldSkills competitions (WSC), which are the most prestigious VET competitions in the world. In this magnificent world event young athletes (up to 23 years old) from all member states of WSI are competing for 4 days in over 45 categories of VET competition. The first competition was held in Portugal 1950. Croatia has appeared for the first time in Japan 2007. The next 42nd WorldSkills Competition will be held in Leipzig, Germany 2‒7 July 2013.

More at: www.worldskills.org.

“Dear Davor

Its a pleasure to welcome you to the WorldSkills movement and I’m sure your singular investment of time and resources, over time, will produce the flow of benefits to the students, teachers and industry in Croatia as it has in so many of our member countries.”
- Tjerk (Jack) Dusseldorp, former President of WSI

WSI GA Melbourne 2006, CroatiaSkills becomes A Member of WSI
(Mr. Jack Dusseldrop, President of WSI and Mr. Davor Dinter, President of CroatiaSkills)