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International Abilympic Federation (IAF) is a nonprofit international organization whose purpose is to maintain the International Abilympics competitions. IAF currently has 56 member organizations from 40 countries and regions. Members consist of various regional and international organizations dedicated to issues of rehabilitation and / or professional VET skills to organize events for people with disabilities. CroatiaSkills is a member of IAF since 2006.
Form of the IAF organisation: the Assembly, which consists of representatives from each member organization and decides on general policy of IAF and IA. Assemblies are held in connection with Abilympics – once in four years. The Executive Committee is responsible for detailed decisions and setting the agenda for the meetings of the Assembly. Administrative tasks are carried out by a Secretariat which is located in Japan.

More at: www.jeed.or.jp/english/aboutabilympic.html

At the International Abilympics (IA) competition in Shizuoka , Japan in 2007. Croatians Olympians occurred for the first time. Two Croatians competed in the category of drawing. Although they did not win medals, the team successfully competed and gained the historical experience.

In Shizuoka, Abilympics were held for the first time in cooperation with the WorldSkills competition.

More at: www.jeed.or.jp/english/aboutabilympic.html and www.ia2011.org