About CroatiaSkills

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CroatiaSkills is a national, nonprofit and nongovernmental organization dedicated to promotion of excellence in knowledge and skills in professional, commercial, and lifelong professions of the Republic of Croatia, established in June 2005.

CroatiaSkilla is A Member of WorldSkills International at May 2006 and International Abilympic Federation since 2006.

Goals are achieved through competition skills, training of youth, and training of young professionals, specialists in competitions and coaches (mentor). CroatiaSkills works closely with all interested parties who share the same goals and values.

Competitions are divided into national and international competitions. All competitions are aimed at the promotion of excellence in skills and capabilities of development, improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET) and raising awareness about the importance of professional excellence.

Competitions are also a way of strengthening cooperation between VET institutions and enterprises and encouraging young people to improve their professional and entrepreneurial skills.

National competitions are organized every second year, and intended for young VET students and workers (age 16-22), where also persons with disabilities can participate (no age limit).

CroatiaSkills is responsible for selecting, training and management of the Croatian national team for WorldSkills International and Abilympics competition.

CroatiaSkills is funded by membership fees, donations, sponzors and partly from croatian budget (in future).